Does the idea of writing your own book appeal to you but appear to be too daunting?  Does it seem like one thing to make up a story at night, but another to put it into a book?  Even if you are naturally creative, have drawn and written stories, compiling an ebook or print book can be intimidating.  That’s where Story Mothers comes in to help you.  We offer pairing with writers and illustrators so that you can create the story to tell your little one(s).  If you don’t have the skills to do it all, or even, much of it, that’s how we can help!

We provide guidelines for basic items like suggested word-count, and the number and positioning of illustrations.

We have illustrators with different styles that may better match the intention of your book than a traditional publisher could do.

Other services will charge you thousands of dollars to help “coach” or self-publish.  Many illustrators will charge hundreds of dollars per page, and try to retain the copyrights to your words afterwards!  When first looking to publish books, figuring out how to do it took many tens of hours.  As stay-at-home moms, illustrations were not within our budgets.  But working together, we figured out a way to make it simpler and affordable for many.  We hope you will join us and add your work to our site!

Steps to follow:

  1. Figure out what package you need.
  2. Send us a message through the contact form or on our Facebook page.  Facebook may be checked more frequently.
  3. Select your desired illustrator or writer, as needed.
  4. Arrange payment.
  5. Work with our staff to create the book you envision.
  6. Wait for the magic to unfold.
  7. Tell all your friends and family about your book!  Maybe you will earn your money back, or, make even more!  The most valuable thing you will gain is the ability to share your story with your child.


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