How many copies of my book will I receive?

Zero, they must be purchased separately.  They will be available on Amazon, or with other sellers, if you so choose when making your initial purchase.  Books will be available in both electronic and print copies.


Isn’t this just self-publishing?  I have been advised not to pay to publish my book.

This is a different, in that we target a specific genre, we can help you get illustrations and picture books compiled more inexpensively than any other provider of which we are aware.  Additionally, we are creating a collective of maternal storytellers, that will be encouraged to support each other by purchasing books from within the group. If you have priced self-publishers before, you will know how much more costly they are.


How long will this take?*

If you need illustrations, it will be a number of weeks (3-8, generally).  If you need wording, it should take less than a week.  Simple compilation (if all files are the right size) will vary by our workload, but should be done within a week.  *These are estimates, that we will do our best to uphold.


My child is older and now I identify better with chapter books, do you offer anything for those?

Please fill out the contact form, we are working on those offerings as well, and can probably find something for you.


Who retains intellectual rights to my work?

You do.  You will always be the author (if you wrote it), and/or the illustrator (if you designed it).  Story mothers will act as the publisher.  You, friends, and family may buy it on demand.  If it is a package utilizing our artists or writers, future commercialization will be shared jointly (with established percentages of profit).


Who sets the price of the book?

You may select a price, though we can offer recommendations based on other sellers, and there will be a required minimum, set by both Amazon and StoryMothers, Inc..


How do I receive my royalty payments?  Will they come from Amazon?

Royalties will be paid within two weeks of distribution from Amazon or other third party retailers to Story  Their schedule does not always make monies immediately available.  Payment will come from Story Mothers through Paypal.  You must have a paypal account to accept funds.


My husband or significant other is interested in this.  Can fathers participate?

We have a sister site they may use;  We would like to keep these as lessons from mother to child, and those as father to child.  Your biological gender does not matter, just the role which you perceive you play in their life.


My child is a prolific writer on their own!  Can I publish a book they wrote?  

Of course!  Since most children like to do their own illustrations, you may find these are some of our bargain prices.  More information can be found at


Do I have to make a dedication?

Of course not!  Nor do you have to use real names if you choose to use a pen name.


Do I have to fill out the biography? Or submit a picture?

Again, of course not!  But this is a place to tell a little about the person you are now, when you are publishing this work for your child.  The story is intended for someone who will want to know more about their mommy when they grow, after all!  And, no matter how we may view ourselves, we are beautiful to our children.  They will love knowing what you looked like when you compiled your book for them!